Special 'Guests' for Your Special Event

While everyone may not be able to own a Clydesdale, everyone certainly loves to experience a Clydesdale.

JFP Equine participates in numerous special events each year ranging from Texas to Georgia. Across the country, three common factors never seemed to fail when the Clydesdales showed up: 1) Jaws dropped, 2) smiles became contagious and 3) cameras couldn't get out quick enough. It's a tribute to a magnificent and stunning breed, and the world-class quality supplied by JFP Equine.

Whether on a national or local basis, community or corporate, JFP Equine can help enhance your event. Here are just some of the special event types we've been lucky enough to be a part of:

  • Parades (sponsored team and/or carrying a special guest or honoree)
  • Community fairs and festivals (photo opportunities)
  • Private weddings and birthday parties
  • Promotional corporate events

Contact us today to find out if JFP Equine's world-class Clydesdales might be a fit for your next event. We can even work with you to customize our Clydesdale decor with a name, colors or corporate logo.