A Lifetime of World-Class Experience

JFP Equine, Inc. is owned and operated by Jim Poole, a career draft horse expert and former 25-year manager of the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales.

Draft horses have been a part of Poole's blood from the moment he was born in Manitoba, Canada. After decades of showing championship Clydesdales, Belgians & Percherons around the continent, Poole was recruited to St. Louis, MO to help run one of the most well-known corporate icons on the planet, the Budweiser Clydesdales. For 25 years, he spearheaded Budweiser Clydesdale growth to over 300 head and six, eight-horse hitches that traveled the continent and took part in just about every local, national and global media outlet imaginable.

Poole has owned and operated JFP Equine since 2011, supplying and consulting with clients throughout North America that want to enter or get more involved in the Clydesdale industry. Tucked along the outskirts of Waterloo, IL just outside St. Louis, MO, JFP Equine's headquarters is a working Clydesdale farm typically home to anywhere from 10-12 head.